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Facebook Privacy and Jumping Ship

There has been a lot of crazy news going around about Facebook, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

I’d like to address a few things.


Facebook just cut ties with a big data company, which will remove some targeting ability from ads.

There’s lots of exaggeration here. Facebook blatantly labeled it’s partner categories for ad targeting, and they were not as often used by marketers.

I’ve used them maybe once or twice, and never as a primary targeting method.


This has happened before (on Facebook and other platforms), and despite the extensive coverage, it’s unlikely that users will be leaving Facebook in such large numbers.

People have become accustomed to communication via social media, and they’re unlikely to abandon their literal social network in one fell swoop — especially as Facebook is responding rather quickly.

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This will be a catalyst in changing the way that privacy is handled on social media and the internet, but it won’t end this form of communication, it will only change it.

Facebook only makes money via brands and advertisers. They will adapt, and help us to adapt. If Facebook does somehow fall, users will want to hold on to the connections that they’ve made on these platforms, and they will migrate, just as they did with MySpace.

And because all of these platforms make their money the same way (advertising), we will migrate as well, and reconnect with your audience wherever they land.


If users jump, they’ll need somewhere to land, and that landing pad needs to solve Facebook’s problems. That’s what Facebook did with MySpace’s problems, and why people jumped ship. Here are the problems (via this wonderful article):

  1. Accuracy of content – Users are posting content that misinforms, and there aren’t yet systems in place to catch them with regularity.
  2. Content creation – Users aren’t creating content on Facebook as they once did, and content is what draws people to a social network.
  3. User security & data collection – Cambridge Analytica. This one is pretty obvious.

The only social network out there that has really taken a crack at all these issues is Facebook. Most of their strides have been made very recently, in response to recent events.

If I can answer any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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Facebook Changes for Businesses

You may or may not have heard about Mark Zuckerberg’s big announcement to stop featuring a good amount of posts from businesses, in favor of showing more posts from a user’s friends or family.

There is logic here.

A happy user is a user you can still reach. If people leave Facebook, it is no longer the wonderful community of easy to target users.

We don’t know what this means for metrics yet. I speculate that things will drop. However, I’m not freaking out like many other marketers.

Facebook has made announcements and changes like this before. I/we have survived them.

They have said that they will focus on content that starts discussion and interaction. But not all posts are going to succeed in this endeavor. So, I speculate that metrics will drop.

The two saving graces here are (1) that we’re on an even playing field with every other business and (2) that ads won’t be affected. (In reality, this is an ecosystem, so they will be affected, but not nearly as much.)

Looking for more? These three articles nail it. Read the first. If you’re still curious, read the second. And same for the third.

I recommend you read them all. But I’m a realist. ;P

The Facebook News Feed is Changing to Favor Person to Person Engagement
Facebook News Feed Update: Now What?
Facebook Marketers are Already Fumbling News Feed Change

If you have any questions, please get in touch. I’ve been following this like a noir PI.

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The Demise of Link Previews on Facebook

Facebook is making some changes.

In the past, when we posted a link, Facebook would pull images from the site and give us the option of which image to use, or allow us to upload our own. Every time I put an image in the image field on a posting spreadsheet for a client, I was saying that we would use that image instead of the one generated on the site.

In an effort to combat demagoguery (On Facebook, people change images to make news stories look more or less radical than they are) the option has been removed. We’re now left with only the options that Facebook pulls from the site.

This is just a heads up. They’re testing, it may not be permanent. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if I can better explain.

Here are two articles that might help:

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PixelSpark Launches

We find that social people are really good at growing brands through conversation. But, the trend has been how to monetize the social media platforms. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are bent on creating business models that use advertising to grow their own businesses.

So, the conversation is great, but it is not the end.

And, we know that social media can grow your business, whether it be through conversations, advertising or whatever.

We are seeing amazing results in B2B and B2C companies.

So, it was time to launch.