You may or may not have heard about Mark Zuckerberg’s big announcement to stop featuring a good amount of posts from businesses, in favor of showing more posts from a user’s friends or family.

There is logic here.

A happy user is a user you can still reach. If people leave Facebook, it is no longer the wonderful community of easy to target users.

We don’t know what this means for metrics yet. I speculate that things will drop. However, I’m not freaking out like many other marketers.

Facebook has made announcements and changes like this before. I/we have survived them.

They have said that they will focus on content that starts discussion and interaction. But not all posts are going to succeed in this endeavor. So, I speculate that metrics will drop.

The two saving graces here are (1) that we’re on an even playing field with every other business and (2) that ads won’t be affected. (In reality, this is an ecosystem, so they will be affected, but not nearly as much.)

Looking for more? These three articles nail it. Read the first. If you’re still curious, read the second. And same for the third.

I recommend you read them all. But I’m a realist. ;P

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If you have any questions, please get in touch. I’ve been following this like a noir PI.