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Content and Blog is a six-year-old company that has been helping companies and agencies with content services. They do website copy, email marketing, PR, case studies, ghost blogging and a whole lot more.

When they approached PixelSpark, they were launching their training subscription programs. But, they had very little social media activity outside of the standard broadcasting that lots of companies do. There was very little engagement, even though they had more than 400 folks on their Facebook page.

Content and Blog Facebook PageWe believed that we could greatly leverage Facebook as a B2B lead generation machine. Our hypothesis was that marketers are very social, especially content marketers. Therefore, we would build a community of great content folks and drive them to engage Content and Blog’s subscription programs. Secondly, we knew that the guys who held the content folks accountable were the top execs, and they lived in LinkedIn. They are ROI bent and needing to prove value in marketing. We could help. This was our one-two punch to really grow subscriptions.

Here’s what happened:

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