Not your ordinary Social Media experts.

Social media can seem like a hoax when you hear all the stories of companies being paid to create a presence with no end-goal and no real way of measuring their results.

Typically, there are two common types of goals from social media: building community and creating conversations. We add a third: converting community building into sales.

And, if you want to build a community, that’s great because your brand is told by people to people. We are social critters by design. But, it doesn’t mean aimlessly posting content. It means figuring out what your audience wants and giving it to them in a manner that compels them to act. Then engage them when they interact to build the relationship.

Captured Advertising Equals Sales

If you want conversions (conversions equal sales), that’s community building that leverages advertising.

We would be delighted to show you how to build your own tribe and how to get your tribe to interact with other tribes. Then, we can show you how advertising to your tribe is super powerful because they are YOUR tribe and expect to hear from you. This is captured advertising and is most effective.

PixelSpark Expertise

PixelSpark is a social media consulting firm that handles all of the core social activities to grow your business. We help design social profiles, architect your social strategy and operate on a daily basis to communicate with your audience. We also create and manage advertising on the major social venues. At all times, we work with a heavy focus on analytics and use some of today’s most amazing tools out there to manage and track our activities. We even send you monthly progress reports to keep you apprised of how well things are going.

Venues that we are versed in include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram.

Keys to our process:

  1. Choose the appropriate networks based on demographic and audience behavior that tie to analytics.
  2. Work with clients to build the tribe and respond to comments building a real community around the brand.
  3. Work as autonomously as needed to allow for clients to focus on their core competencies but gain their approval along the way.
  4. Avoid broadcasting, which is how many people do social media. This is a one-sided conversation. We are looking to build community so that when advertising campaigns launch, our tribe is excited to hear from us.
  5. Understand ROI and leverage analytics to prove results and refine our strategy.

We would love to talk with you today about your brand and how we can help you grow your own tribe and sales today.

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